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Logipedia: “The Best of Both Sides Better”

Media today often only shows one side of the story and is heavily sensationalized. If you are like most people that we’ve talked to, you understand how much of a problem that is for our society. Though you probably also realize how much time it truly takes to be informed about both sides of any given topic. The founders of Logipedia have seen this and want to help fix it. Our end goal is to create a site that allows you to become more informed on more topics from both sides faster. We create articles that show the pros and cons of a claim along with a large selection of quotes from scholarly works, news, and general websites that support each pro and con. See to see what this looks like!
Logipedia in Beta: Logipedia and its auto-researcher are currently in Beta, so is especially useful

Our Solution

Our team has spent countless hours working on a technology to make both sides available to you on a myriad of topics. We like to call it our “auto-researcher”. Here is how it works...
Start with a claim: Every article on Logipedia has a single claim stating that something is or is not true.
Scan web for sources: Our technology scans the web for sources related to the claim, especially prioritizing scholarly works and sites rated by media bias groups as highly factual.
Pick out Pros/Cons and quotes: We use AI to pick out the main arguments that each source is making for and against the claim. We then go through and find paragraphs that support each pro/con and ones that do not. Finally we use AI to score each quote based on indicators of quality like citing statistics.
Human review: A real person then goes through and reviews the content that was picked up by our “auto-researcher” to remove any obvious errors and help do some initial sorting of which pros and cons to show at the top of the list.
Display the content to you: We then take all the quotes and pros and cons and put them into an article on our website.

Use Cases

Politically Interested Individuals

If you are interested in seeing both sides of of today’s important issues but don’t have time to do the research yourself, Logipedia is the place for you!
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Speech and Debate & Toastmasters

Logipedia is a great choice for those wanting to be competitive in Speech and Debate. We can speed up research immensely, and essentially give you free briefs! This allows you to focus more on high level argumentation than brunt research.

Political Forecasting Competitions

Logipedia can help collect the differing perspectives on different issues for forecasting, allowing for more nuanced and accurate forecasts and increased brier scores for competitions hosted by groups like !
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Purchase/Fund Custom Articles

We hope to expand into helping students do research for papers faster, help bring insight to worldview/philosophy/religion, and more! If you are interested in seeing a page created for a topic, mention it in the and we can discuss what it would take to get certain topics made. You can also suggest topics without giving a donation

YOU Can Make a Difference! Here’s How...

💌 : The world can’t see both sides unless first you see both sides 😉!
💡 : Share Logipedia with your friends and on social media so others can benefit too!
💰 : Donate so that we can create more articles and a better “auto-researcher”
And watch as one by one we help turn the tide against one-sided media and help everyone see the best of both sides better! As with any meaningful change, we succeed only through the cumulative small efforts of many people working toward one big goal: Helping people be better informed on both sides!

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